Aiden GD Moore s a freelance illustrator and artist, based in London, UK. His work has won 2nd place in the Batsford Prize, and was among those selected as the best to represent ermerging artists as New Designers 2016.

Aiden predominately works with conceptual, philosophical and social themes using digital media, combining drawn work with photocollage and textures. Notable works include Secret London (winning project of the Batsford Prize 2016) and the best-selling book Nihilist Bunnies.

Being a London based artist, Aiden frequents events and fairs such as The Satanic Fleamarket, and his small press work can be found in Tate Modern, Megacity Comics, Camden Market, and Chaos City Comics, St Albans. Work can also be found for purchase at: http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/occulttrash


Email: aidengdmoore@gmail.com

Social Media: AidenGDMoore (Click Links Below)

Instagram / Tumblr  / FacebookTwitter / Patreon / Shop


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